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Sublimation Printing Fine Cotton T-Shirt

DRYFIT tech are solid knit, round neck &
collared polo’s with half & open sleeves
.

COTTON T-SHIRTS

COTTON T-SHIRTS


Sublimation is a type of heat transfer that is often applied to t-shirts and garments, but which can also be applied to many other substratesIt’s one of the best ways to create t shirt designs with multiple colors. It is quite different from using a product like heat transfer vinyl, because you are able to print more intricate, detailed, and colorful images. The dye sublimation process starts by printing a design (with sublimation ink) onto transfer paper. This design is then applied to the substrate using a heat press machine.The term ‘sublimation’ refers to the chemical process that occurs when something turns from a solid state into a gas, without first becoming a liquid. A common example is dry ice, which changes from a solid to a gas at temperatures of −109.3 °F. Therefore, in dye sublimation, the ‘solid’ inks on the transfer paper are converted to gas and transferred to your substrate. This happens when heat and pressure is applied over time (with a heat press).S ublimation inks can only bond to synthetic fibers and coatings. For clothing, this means polyester, while other blanks for sublimation are polymer coated products. Dark colored substrates are also no good for sublimation inks.



DRYFIT tech are solid knit, round neck & collared polo’s with half & open sleeves that provide UV protection of 30 UPF and are available in 11 colors .Cotton soaks up sweat and keep it, whereas DRIFIT polyester allows the sweat to evaporate much more readily , hence give you a dry feeling shirt. DRIFIT uses microfiber polyester fabric to wick moisture from your body to outer surface of the fabric so that it can evaporate quickly to keep you cool for a dri-fit .DRIFIT shirts don’t shrink , they run rather large also. DRIFIT keeps athletes dry and comfortable. KOHLIOVERSEAS’S DRIFIT T-SHIRTS to move moisture away from your skin ,helping you stay dry, cool and moving freely.



We live in a world where people want to wear simple but fashionable clothing, and one wonders how can something simple be fashionable at the same time. People want to wear a t-shirt that looks fashionable but does not break the bank in the process and there is a common misconception that only expensive clothing looks good. The way we dress says a lot about us, and not wearing t-shirts from the big brands does not mean we have a bad dressing sense



We at KOHLIOVERSEAS are able to solve one of the biggest worries of the 21stcentury and that is by manufacturing a t-shirt that is simple but yet fashionable and does not break the bank in the process. We believe that one should not have to waste money on expensive t-shirts and thus have present to you the fine cotton t-shirt. The fine cotton t-shirt is unique in its own way:

The fine cotton t-shirt is available in nine vibrant colours which allow the wearer to look fashionable while staying within one’s budget. The t-shirt is the lightest among the range of round neck and collared t-shirts that we offer with the GSM being around 180 to 220. Use of the fine cotton t-shirt: